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The courses and workshops

I invites you to step out of your comfort zone for a wonderful spiritual adventure,

a medicine quest through the realms of consciousness and to the unknown. 

Nice to meet you, my name is Ornita-  Sihumm

It is a great privilege for me to educate as a teacher of teachers in the way of the Mayan healers. 

I am Honored to learn from the most energeticly strong teachers. I guide men and women on their path of healing and awareness. Our consciousness is like a large hall full of: patterns, programms, perceptions, beliefs that we have collected over the years, survival mechanisms, defense mechanisms and more... All of these create the unique way in which we walk and dance our way, the awakening of consciousness to itself creates many transformations in the life of the developing person or as I call it 'consciousness that has awakened to itself'.

Concrete Wall

לקוחות ממליצים

אורניתה תודה עלייך
ועל הריפוי העמוק שאת מביאה איתך בשלל צורות, מיידעים
ועוצמות. עזרת לי בדרכי לאסוף ולעגן אותי אליי, הכל בנועם ובחסד מלווה ותומך עם המון הקשבה תודה נשמה יפה אני שמחה שנפגשנו בלב.


תמרי אשד


⁦+972 54-730-4061⁩


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