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Light Language Sacred Geometry

The workshop that will change your perception of reality, awaken and enlighten your mind

  Get the tools that operate the interface of reality

Zoom online workshop or on site training

Sacred initiations

A deep healing method for personal empowerment


What is the Light Language? 
Converse the Light Language

The 'Light Language' is a method that comes from age-old information passed down from generation to generation in the lineage of Esperanza Mercado and came out to the white man about 60 years ago by  Starr Fuentes. What if I told you that there is a way of high magic that comes from the ancient world, with the help of which it is possible to create such powerful intentions that can bring down your prayers like a rain of fulfillment into the everyday material reality. The 'Light Language' is a series of ancient initiations from Mexico originating from the ancient Mayan tribe. We learn to use the reality interface made of grids of sacred geometric structures with medicine and light color frequencies. The initiations of the of 'Light Language' expand the light bodies that's raise our abilities and our frequency on earth.

This is 'Mind Blowing' knowledge, changes the way we look at reality and inspires us to understand the puppet strings we have created in this life. The 'Light Language' is a great opportunity to release the old and accept the new and renewed world within us, to release unhelpful behavior patterns, to raise our self-esteem and to walk at a high and strengthened frequency in the world, to fully experience ourselves and get tools to face the challenges of life that come in our way.

​This initiation changed my life and the lives of so many people. It is really a privilege for me to give this gift and this knowledge to you. It is a way to pour clear light into us and agree to bring healing to the deepest places of our personality and life . A once-in-a-lifetime initiation. I recommend not to miss or skip... surrender, accept and allow consciousness to awaken to itself. It is time to overcome our challenges that burden us on earth.

What can 'Light Language' help for?

The 'Light Language' is a powerful and unique tool for creating reality. Starting with health problems and disorders and up to writing 'Light Weaves' for buying a car, buying a house and more... 'Light Weaves'  -'Grids' - are a cluster of sacred geometric structures with light colors frequencies  built in constructed grids.

The most amazing thing is the leverage 'Light Language' gives during growth and development. For example: 'Light Weaves' for self-acceptance, high self-esteem, self-confidence and a sense of protection on earth. While conventional medicine is limited to the places it can reach, the 'Light Language' will go further into the deepest energetic layers of the person and touch and heal the root cause that creates the disorder or the physical disorder of the disease.


How do we work and what will we get?

In the classes of 'Light Language' you will receive an initiation to light colors and basic and complex geometric shapes. With these shapes and colors we will learn to build structures called 'Light Weaves' or Grids. In the last 13 years I have been amazed by the power that 'Light Weaves' bring to a person's life. I have written hundreds of 'Light Weaves' that supported people on a daily basis on their challenges : physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

There are three levels of study: The first level is the foundation - 'Light Language ' Level 1: At this level we will learn to build a web of light of 7 shapes and colors that synchronizes the energy economy of the body: the seven chakras with the seven subtle bodies. 'Light Language' level 2: We will receive initiations to a geometric structure, a web of light  containing 49 shapes and colors, that can change the field and bring deep healing to our challenges. 'Light Language' level 3: This is the most powerful stage in the highest frequency. It is a six-days initiation from morning to evening. During this initiation we receive 130 shapes and 152 color medicine frequencies. In this class we will learn to build a particularly powerful 'Light Weave' that includes 144 shapes and colors. This class changes the lives of the students and in my eyes it is a process of renewal and rebirth. 

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Maa'an Bel Lelum

I met Ornitha by chance, from the first glance I felt the pure love in her and the wonderful knowledge she teaches.
I started studying the language of light and was amazed by the power of every color and every shape that until then were seen as something commonplace, I learned the power of intention and the way to heal, clean and release what is holding us back from achieving our goals.
Then came healing breaths that moved a new spirit in different channels in my life that brought me to the DI retreat that slowly and gently changed my life and marched me towards the right life path for me.
I recommend that everyone give themselves the opportunity to learn the wonderful techniques that Ornita conveys.


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