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Cutting the Cord

Time to clear grips and heaviness within relationships

Full day class
A medicine space for a powerful release  to
heal bonds and relationships.


Many techniques were practiced in the ancient world to release energetic cables. We find them in different shamanic cultures. All over the world there are various types of such work. In this class I will give you six powerful cable release techniques that come  from the master Starr Fuentes and another technique that came through me.

Why would we even want to untie cables?
Each and every one of us has in his or her life relationships and connections that are not beneficial and even if there is a lot of love and closeness, there is still some elephant in the room at the energy level that creates heaviness and separation between us and our loved one.

When we maintain healthy and flowing relationships, they contain beautiful beams of light that shift: love, inspiration and nourishment between us and our beloved. But what happens when the relationship is charged with energy that is not aligned? Such as heavy energy of anger, insult and more? and despite the great love, there is a heavy and compressed energy between us and that person or between us and the thing or an idea or an addiction. Relationships of dependency, relationships of neediness.
Cables make it difficult for us to give and receive love naturally and appropriately. It is possible for a man or a woman to have relationships that creates distress and disrupt daily life. Taking away the joy from the heart. These techniques are also good for freeing a person from the shackles of addictions, dependent relationships, releasing the mythological ex, releasing the heaviness that sits between us and our children, between us and our parents and between us and our spouse.
What do you do and what do you get in class?

In this class we will initiat, learn and practice six simple techniques to apply. This work  is very effective to release the old, heavy and oppressive energies between us and a person, an idea, a place and more. Releasing our grips on our lives creates a fluid flow in the channels of life and releases old patterns of dependency and neediness.


I use 'cable release' a lot in my clinic .I combine it in almost every treatment. These are excellent techniques to use before starting to go into the deep work with the patient. I recommend that you integrate this treatment in your clinic.


During the class we will learn about each technique and we will receive the initiation. We will practice  it: we will exchange treatments. You will go through an overall of liberation and transformation. Presence in the class itself is  a very powerful and deep healing.


Many students that I have initiated in this class have experienced a sense of lightness that comes in the months following the class.

hesitating? Contact me and I will answer any question

Concrete Wall

customers recommend


Maa'an Bel Lelum

I met Ornitha by chance, from the first glance I felt the pure love in her and the wonderful knowledge she teaches.
I started studying the language of light and was amazed by the power of every color and every shape that until then were seen as something commonplace, I learned the power of intention and the way to heal, clean and release what is holding us back from achieving our goals.
Then came healing breaths that moved a new spirit in different channels in my life that brought me to the DI retreat that slowly and gently changed my life and marched me towards the right life path for me.
I recommend that everyone give themselves the opportunity to learn the wonderful techniques that Ornita conveys.


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