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Transition between dimensions

 Open the gate to the unknown and to the great spiritual vision

A shamanic practice that came from the Mayan tribe to open the clairvoyance


Mayan shamans practiced transitions between dimensions on a daily basis. This practice is a small taste of an astral tour into dimensional spaces . Dimensions are spaces of consciousness that touch the energy of eternity. These initiations are meant to open doors and get to know the medicine of these spaces. The first time I practiced this space with my teachers, big and exciting doors opened for me and the change in my consciousness was so great that it changed my perception of reality.

I highly recommend to experience this method to anyone who deals with the worlds beyond. It leaves an imprint of light that opens up possibilities for a multidimensional vision.

What are the dimensions?

Dimensions are spaces of consciousness that our etheric body can move to and back from. Each dimension has its own unique laws and different characteristics. In the lineage of Mayan healers, they practiced 144 dimensions, with which it is possible to bring a variety of healing to all levels.

The dimensions are gates of the spirit and the practice of their frequencies opens a window to the unknown and to worlds beyond the veils.

What do we get from this practice?

From 'Transition between the dimensions', you will receive an initiation to four dimensions, which we will practice and learn. With their help you can expand your vision and open up the possibilities of seeing auras and reincarnations. You can practice this knowledge at home and when the channels open you will be able to use it in the clinical work and your daily life.

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Maa'an Bel Lelum

I met Ornitha by chance, from the first glance I felt the pure love in her and the wonderful knowledge she teaches.
I started studying the language of light and was amazed by the power of every color and every shape that until then were seen as something commonplace, I learned the power of intention and the way to heal, clean and release what is holding us back from achieving our goals.
Then came healing breaths that moved a new spirit in different channels in my life that brought me to the DI retreat that slowly and gently changed my life and marched me towards the right life path for me.
I recommend that everyone give themselves the opportunity to learn the wonderful techniques that Ornita conveys.


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