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Two days of a powerful initiation in an ancient healing technique

Alignment of the personal soul code  


What is a matrix?

The tribal healer ran his hand over the patient and seemed to straighten the contours of the body, which gave the patient a feeling of lightness in the body, as if everything was gathered to the center gathered to the moment. Hands in mudra positions move as light as a feather, down, up, right and left, in all directions.

Tribal energy healers from different cultures around the world will work with different methods to align the body's energy matrixes, (the energetic outlines of the physical body). This is a class that came to me from Master Starr Fuentes  - lineage holder of Mayan healers.

The Matrix is a particularly powerful energy treatment, it is like a deep energy analysis that aligns the matrixes of the life channels, resynchronizes the person with the higher plan. After such treatment, there is a serious shift towards real and positive movement in life. A sense of lightness, an adjusted  center and a reconnection to a sense of purpose and destiny. This is one of the most wonderful and powerful straightening techniques I've ever known. I really recommend it...

How does that happens?

It is a treatment done once a year.
Our energetic body is built from networks of light which create energetic structures.
We ask ourselves during the class what are my energetic patterns?
How does the energy flows between me and myself, between me and the other, between me and creation.

In the treatment we will align the five matrixes of the body:

  1. The soul channel

  2. The destiny channel

  3. The Karma channel

  4. The energy channel

  5.  Channels of experience.


Why do we need to align the energy of the body?

Sometimes the illusion covers our eyes and  from to many  stories we tell ourselves, we can't  see the experience as it is. we are burdened with masking and the illusion of comparative, judgment and criticism. We miss the point of the challenge that comes to teach us something and take us to the next level of our development.

And this is what causes the network of the body to twitch... the energy network loses synchronization and the energy bodies become crooked.

What does the class gives you?

It is a huge gift to therapists to add this treatment into the clinic. A therapist who learned this from me not long ago, told me that from the end of the class, every patient who enters her clinic receives this treatment...

It is powerful and it will bring people back to a simple life path, bring the person back to feeling fully involved in the experience. The treatment will support us to understand how to grow out of our challenges. Without divisions and walls of separation of illusion between the person and the experience so that it is free of stories and interpretations.

hesitating? Contact me and I will answer any question

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Maa'an Bel Lelum

I met Ornitha by chance, from the first glance I felt the pure love in her and the wonderful knowledge she teaches.
I started studying the language of light and was amazed by the power of every color and every shape that until then were seen as something commonplace, I learned the power of intention and the way to heal, clean and release what is holding us back from achieving our goals.
Then came healing breaths that moved a new spirit in different channels in my life that brought me to the DI retreat that slowly and gently changed my life and marched me towards the right life path for me.
I recommend that everyone give themselves the opportunity to learn the wonderful techniques that Ornita conveys.


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