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Soul Pulling Ceremony

A powerful ritual passed down from generation to generation to support the sense of completeness of the path

Group/community work holds a deep healing space for a person

A deep healing method for personal empowerment


Deep healing that gives a sense of inner wholeness

Almost all ancient shamanic cultures used this healing. This collection brings back to the body soul particles that were released, and created a feeling of disconnection to life and to ourselves. These particles come home from the astral to the physical body and their return supports us as we overcome the challenges that life brings before us. The ceremony allows the particles of the soul to return all at once to the physical body and the aura, so that life and experience are fuller, which expands our possibilities and increases our personal potential and the sense of fulfillment on earth.

Why does the soul release fragments from the body out?

Many times, when we are in difficulty, pain, suffering, trauma and more, the soul releases these fragments from the body to keep the pain away from the body, because it is unable, at the time, to contain and process the experience of pain and sorrow. Soul shards are released into other dimensions and planes. Sometimes we also leave soul particles with a partner who has left or passed away. Releasing a soul fragment creates an inner feeling of emptiness and lack of connection that challenges us in the process of growth and development.


What is the healing of this ritual?

A soul pulling ceremony is a powerful healing space.  I will give initiation to this technique that comes from Star Fuentes. During the day we will hold a space for each other and collect into the participants all the fragments that want to return home, back to the body, returning to the here and now. People who went through the initiation and this process testify to a change in their lives and a renewed and fresh energy that entered the body and reality.

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Maa'an Bel Lelum

I met Ornitha by chance, from the first glance I felt the pure love in her and the wonderful knowledge she teaches.
I started studying the language of light and was amazed by the power of every color and every shape that until then were seen as something commonplace, I learned the power of intention and the way to heal, clean and release what is holding us back from achieving our goals.
Then came healing breaths that moved a new spirit in different channels in my life that brought me to the DI retreat that slowly and gently changed my life and marched me towards the right life path for me.
I recommend that everyone give themselves the opportunity to learn the wonderful techniques that Ornita conveys.


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