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Nice to meet you, my name is Ornita-  Sihumm

It is a great privilege for me to educate as a teacher of teachers in the way of the Mayan healers. 

I am Honored to learn from the most energeticly strong teachers. I guide men and women on their path of healing and awareness. Our consciousness is like a large hall full of: patterns, programms, perceptions, beliefs that we have collected over the years, survival mechanisms, defense mechanisms and more... All of these create the unique way in which we walk and dance our way, the awakening of consciousness to itself creates many transformations in the life of the developing person or as I call it 'consciousness that has awakened to itself'.

I have been following the path of development for over 15 years. My personal healing journey was significant and changed my life, a pray was born in me to direct and guide others to the healing they seek. I was initiated for the sacred knowledge that I teach by my teacher as well as some of the knowledge I was initiated by my spiritual guidance. I believe that when a person wants to get out of the circles of suffering, first he has to agree and choose a small step out of them. Victim consciousness creates drama circles and is an illusion of movement. Victim consciousness leaves us behind when we do not take responsibility for our light and our movement in life. We give our light and power to others and sometimes also our life force and vitality, which creates energy leaks and we feel that we have been thrown out of our center.  In the clinic and  classrooms I  guide people to bring the light of creation to the weakened and painful parts within them and learn to heal them with love and light. I also teach  tools   that will support them so that they can navigate within the inner reality. When we choose to turn on the light in the 'Chambers' of consciousness', we are able to notice patterns and beliefs that create loops and magnetize experiences that are not good for us in our lives.

Consciousness is the projector and the experiences are the film that is projected.

During the evry day life, I give sessions at my clinic with a variety of shamanic & healing techniques. 

I work a lot with the powerful medicine of the 'Sacred Geometry' and with the frequencies of colors using the  'Light Language' method. Growth's pain characterize periods in life when we have to grow to the next level of our development.  We are required to release the old that we are holding onto.

Under my 'Wings of Light' I initiate many students via courses, classes and ceremonies.    these methods & techniques come from the ancient knowledge of the tribal healers. I also initiat to  techniques that I received directly from the spirit and my guidance. In recent years, I have been training teachers to teach the methods of the Mayan Lineage: I train teachers for 'Light Language', healing techniques, and I train teachers in the method of 'Divine Intervention'.

These methods expand the light  bodies and allow us to walk more easily with high frequency in our lives. Walking that way contributes to the world, the service & mission we came to give for the people, and realize our ability & talents in our everyday life.

My heart gives thanks to the 'Lineage Holder'  Starr Fuentes and to all my wonderful teachers who supported me in my  grows and strengthening as a teacher & leader in the way of light and medicine.



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